Got your money's worth!! ;-)

Got your money's worth!! ;-)

Post by Raymond Chuan » Mon, 26 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Whoever had the full weekend passes for Talledega this weekend sure got
their money's worth and then some! ;-)

First, there was Dale Earnhardt winning the IROC race literally on the last
corner. It couldn't have been a more exciting finish for an IROC race.

Then, the Busch Grand National race had the closest finish in NASCAR
history--0.002 seconds! It's the first time I've seen a NASCAR race decided
by a literal photo finish. It also points out that rookies are going to have
a tough time at Talledega--as witnessed by that 23-cr wreck!

To top it all off, today's Winston Cup race was a doozy from start to
finish. All that shuffling of positions, 3-, 4- and sometimes 5-wide racing
(!!!), and that barnburner last 15 laps was easily the best WC race of this
year. Enormously popular win for Earnhardt, too--he deserved the win with
his masterful driving strategy. Someone ought to smack Mike Skinner upside
on the head for that stupid move that caused the only big wreck of the race,

All in all, it's the best weekend of NASCAR racing I've seen in may be 4-5

Raymond in Mountain View, CA