Ernie Irvan Page - I'm still a fan!

Ernie Irvan Page - I'm still a fan!

Post by Jay-#28-Go Ern » Thu, 19 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Great win at Richmond!!  My Ernie Irvan page is updated thru Dover and
the Cope accident.  I now have all the stats pages from 1987 thru 1996
but 1989.  I hope to have a picture archive soon, the scanner at work
is down.  I even have a 1987 shot of him in a #56 Dale Earnhardt

Be advised, ESPN2 is showing old races and I watched the fall 1988
Martinsville race this past Monday.  Ernie was in the #2 Pepsi Pontiac
and finished 11th.  It was great seeing DA and AK racing.

As for Ernie his 1996 and career stats pages are updated almost as
soon as the
race ends.  I usually have to wait a few hours to update money numbers
and the laps but otherwise I try to stay on top of it.  I also added
his truck stats to the 1996 stats page (linked from the Ernei page)
and will add the truck stats to his 1995 page when I finish it.  I
also plan to add the Truck stats to his career stats page.  I'd like
to do Busch results but they will take some time to research.

Thanks and Enjoy.

GO #28

Top 5 in '96, championship in '97!!