Rumor Mill : Per Jayski's Silly Season Page

Rumor Mill : Per Jayski's Silly Season Page

Post by MillerLite » Fri, 30 May 1997 04:00:00

Just thought I'd pass along some rumors I picked up on Jayski's Silly
Season Page (

1. J Green & the #8 Diamond Ridge BGN team have decided to park the #8
BGN car to concentrate on the #29 WC effort.

2. T Labonte to run special "Starburst" paint scheme at Brickyard 400.
They are an associate sponsor.

3. Overheard at a Coca-Cola 600 hospitality tent: while there, was
listening and talking with the Texaco tent guys and they were all saying
that Ernie was out. Not sure if they were talking the end of the season
or sooner.

4. Rumor mill for 1998(or sooner?): Marlin to the #28; Hamilton to the
#4; T Bodine to the #43; and Irvan to the #16. That could lead Musgrave
to the new Dr J team or maybe the #77?????

5. Speaking of Dr J, I heard he requested #34 in honor of Wendell
Scott(African-American NASCAR driver)

6. Ford will unveil the new Ford Taurus Winston Cup car at the Brickyard
400 in August and that the #2 team has one built and is testing it at a
secret test site in the U.S.

7. Stavola Brothers have hired Charlie Brock as a member of Hut
Stricklin's team. Brock was a member of Davey Allison's Busch team and
is the grandson of Red Farmer.

8. The Richard Jackson #1 Pontiac may fold after Dover unless they get
sponsorship. M Shepherd will be looking for a new ride.

9. Per JournalNow: 'If the Federal Government succeeds in forcing RJ
Reynolds Tobacco to drop Winston-brand-name marketing of sports events,
NASCAR sources say that RJR-Nabisco execs are now seriously considering
using the corporate name to continue sponsoring NASCAR's Winston Cup
tour. HMMM.....the Nabisco Cup? the Oreo Bowl?

10. Hillin out of the #77. Hmmm...who gets the ride? Sacks? Pressley? or
Allen? Hillin will continue to drive until a suitable replacement is

11. Rumors have surfaced that Bruton Smith wants to hold an All-Star
race similar to The Winston at Texas in November??


Rumor Mill : Per Jayski's Silly Season Page

Post by Xdem » Wed, 04 Jun 1997 04:00:00

The following was copied from RASI.  The info was attributed to
the Houston Chronicle and Autoweek.

There are rumors that Al Unser Jr. will leave CART for NASCAR.  This
would allow him to return to the Indy 500 after a couple of years and
not look like he had stabbed CART in the back.  He doesn't want to be
the first CART driver to break from group.  He also doesn't get along
with teammate Paul Tracey.  It would be a large paycut if he left
CART for NASCAR, though.  (Hmm...  The Washington Irving team claims
they'll have a top driver in their WC car next season...)

Many think that the Coca-Cola 600 could now go head-to-head with Indy
but NASCAR likes the Prime Time slot.

More gossip around Indy last week had Robbie Gordon not driving for
Felix Sabates next year.  (If true, he certainly wore out that welcome