A Day At The Race$$$ (Was: Re: Why no black drivers?)

A Day At The Race$$$ (Was: Re: Why no black drivers?)

Post by Rich Bemb » Sat, 25 Mar 1995 23:20:11

: :  
: : > lot of  those folks acting like fools, who have the bucks to  
: : take
: : > the family to a NASCAR event, make more money than you OR I!
: : What's your point?  What does the price of ticket have to do with  
: : it? Maybe you haven't attended an NBA game lately. How about  
: : giving us your take on the racial break down there??  

: Here, here.  Pro sports is priced out of existance, although in most
: markets, the demand is still there.  It costs $32 per person plus $6
: to park at the local Pro Basketball outlet.  It's a far cry from the
: $.85 cent baseball tickets you could get (now you have to pay exhorbitant
: prices to watch scabball).

In terms of cost per ticket for a NASCAR event it would be correct to say
NASCAR beats most, if not all of the other "round ball" type of events.

However, when you consider the "bang for the buck" factor I'd have to say
that a day/weekend at a major NASCAR event beats out just about everything
else, including football.  Most tracks are AT LEAST as big in acreage as
those of football stadiums and while "tail-gating" goes on at both types of
events, I'd rather be among those people at a race track than those in the
parking lot of a big football stadium...there's people and then there's

Depending upon what you pay for you will spend a lot for a weekend or
even just a day at the races but for me its money well spent.  I can take
my wife away for a weekend and we each get to do some ofthe things that
interest the both of us (doesn't have to be ALL racing).  You can go out to
dine, take in a movie, watch qualifying, visit the vendors and buy yourself
a t'shirt or whatever and on raceday have a fairly mello day of beer drinking
barbequing, racing, more beer drinking (doen't have to be beer - could be soft
drinks for all I care) more barbequing and eventually wending your way home.

On game day at a football stadium most of the people that I've seen arrive
early as one would at a race, consume mass quantites of beer (by the case)
tend to be loud, macho, obnoxious and profane and generally make your life
miserable...even during the game (and yes I have stories).  They generally do
not come for the weekend, you will not see too many, if ANY, motorhomes and
you will not see the wide diversity of license plates from anywhere in the
United States that you will see at a NASCAR event. and after the game a few
people hang around (usually while the warmer weather is still around) but
mostly people just bolt (and a lot of them are rather smashed out of their
gourds) and I'd prefer not to have to deal with them, their egos and the
wonderful things they try to do with their cars (WUH? OH! I must be in the

At a major round ball event you cannot go into the locker rooms like you can
go into the infield/garage area at a race track and IF you can get a round
ball type player to sign an autograph for you, you had best have your $10 to
$30 dollars ready to grease his palm with.  At a race track, even if a driver
is in a piss-poor mood he'll generally stop and at the least sign something
for you AT NO COST...and you'll find that they (and their crews) to be human
beings much like yourself.

Just some thoughts and comparisons - anybody else?



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A Day At The Race$$$ (Was: Re: Why no black drivers?)

Post by jthaw.. » Sat, 01 Apr 1995 04:00:00

<First I walked around
some of the campsites watching fat girls drink warm beer and two step to
country music.>

Hey............ you got somthing against fat grrrrlls or what??? :)