PR: Virtual Thunder 1/24/00

PR: Virtual Thunder 1/24/00

Post by David Crawford Jr » Tue, 25 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Virtual Thunder(tm) - The Interactive Racing Experience(tm)
Press Release
January 24, 2000

Virtual Thunder, a new interactive game for race fans, announces
"Happy Hour" which is currently available to play at

The green flag is about to drop on a highly anticipated and maybe the
most competitive racing season ever.  What more can an eager race fan
do besides follow the practice times and the pre-season news.  Team
Virtual Thunder has the answer:  Play "Happy Hour"!

This new feature of Virtual Thunder allows players to start practicing
their qualifying and race prediction skills against random Winston Cup
events from last season.  "Happy Hour" will give players a glimpse of
how Virtual Thunder will be played this season.

Registered players can look for "Happy Hour" on the Game Status page.
If you are still not a member of Team Virtual Thunder - sign up today!
It's free!

For more details, visit the Virtual Thunder web site at

Team Virtual Thunder
The Interactive Racing Experience

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David W. Crawford Jr.

Team Virtual Thunder
The Interactive Racing Experience