Mark Martins Daytona House

Mark Martins Daytona House

Post by Ken Mill » Tue, 11 Jul 1995 04:00:00

        For you Mark Martin fans, in the July 2 Orlando morning paper I
        caught a real good article about Mark... in the "Home" section of
        the paper. The article had quite a bit about his house... I was more
        interested in the hanger out back.....

        The article had a neat 'fish-eye' lense shot of his "3,200 square ft"
        hanger (in his back yard) which he keeps his newly purchased aircraft.
        He's not got his pilots license yet. But mentioned it sure makes it
        easier on the family to just unload the luggage and walk into the house
        after the engagements he's committed to.

        The floor is tiled ( checkered black/white ) central air, office area...
        he stated it's his favorite place to hang out. Guess he bought this place
        after talking with Ernie Irvan, who also has a place in Daytona Beach.

        I remembered this article after hearing Ted Musgrave yesterday state he
        would have flown off with Mark after the race, but needed to drive his
        newly purchased auto home.

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