Ain't Harvick great

Ain't Harvick great

Post by Harvickfan# » Mon, 28 May 2001 09:53:12

man that guy has the spirit of #3.

Ain't Harvick great

Post by Sea » Mon, 28 May 2001 10:56:42


>Yes, but he needs to control it.  Right now hes out of control and
>its hurting him big time.

1.) So far he hasn't wrecked anyone like DE did at Bristol (Labonte) or
C***te (DW) or at a bunch of other places;

2.) Harvick will eventually settle down, as Ernie Irvan did to a degree when he
joined Yates;

3.) DE Jr. did the whole sit-on-the-bumper-while-laps-down thing to Busch last
year in New Hampshire (anyone seeing the MTV documentary would know this).

4.) Harvick has not spun anyone out intentionally on pit road yet, a la

AFAIK, he's not even been in a Cup accident this year.



Ain't Harvick great

Post by Fish Ma » Mon, 28 May 2001 11:35:01


> Yes, but he needs to control it.  Right now hes out of control and
> its hurting him big time.

> >man that guy has the spirit of #3.

What's the matter, Alan?  Afraid that Harvick's gonna start kicking your beloved
paintboy's ass real soon?
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Ain't Harvick great

Post by PHYDEAUX » Tue, 29 May 2001 03:17:31

>Subject: Re: Ain't Harvick great

>Date: 05/26/2001 10:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time

>A big part of his problem is thinking hes now too good for, or much
>better than, the Busch boys.  Biff is showing him that hes not as
>good as he thinks.  Unless he gets a serious attitude adjustment,
>he wont win another Cup race this year, he wont get rookie of the
>year, and he wont win the Busch series.

>I could like the guy again, but he has to get his head out of his
>***and focus on being a champion rather than acting like hes
>already won 7 titles.  I see the wrong attitude in his face when he
>talks and in his driving on the track.

No argument here.....

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