Slim Jim All Pro & Goody's Dash results from Homestead

Slim Jim All Pro & Goody's Dash results from Homestead

Post by jcarson.. » Wed, 18 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I ain't got 'em.   I could get 'em, but I don't want to just yet.

Both the NASCAR Goody's Dash Series and NASCAR Slim Jim All Pro Series
events from Homestead will be aired on espn2 Sunday 11/22.
The Dash race (Pennzoil 50) will be shown at noon EST, then the
All Pro race (Greased Lightning 150) will air at 7:30 p.m. EST.

I've been super-careful not to look anywhere where I might find
the results of those races.   I didn't even look at the sports page
in Monday's paper.
Fortunately they didn't mention anything about these two races
during the telecast of the BGN race.


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Slim Jim All Pro & Goody's Dash results from Homestead

Post by Dale Evan » Thu, 19 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Danny Bagwell, driver of the Goody's Dash #10 Ford Probe, sponsored by
Sterling *** Cruises, started the Homestead 50 on the outside of row
two (4th). Ned Combs, #9 Handy Pantry Ford, qualified 11th.

After some great racing, Danny moved up to 3rd, and Ned to 7th. There
wasn't too much paint swapping 'till the end of the race. With just a
few laps to go, Combs tried an outside pass in turn 4 (this is where DE
Jr. lost it in practice, along with Nemecheck in Busch qualifying).
Ned's Probe looped around and hit real hard...whiping out the left rear
and right front of his brand new Ford. It was the car's 2nd appearance!

Danny made a great move on the restart...up to 3rd place...with 3 laps
to go. Series Champ Robert Huffman (#90 Mott's Applesauce) got into the
rear of past Champ David Hutto (#16) and wrecked him on the white flag
lap. He said he would do it after an altercation in Lakeland a few week
ago...and he did! NASCAR penalized him a lap...thus palcing Mike Swaim
in the Winner's Circle, and Danny Bagwell 2nd overall!!!

Great thanks should go out to Bagwell and Combs for carrying the RASN
logo without recent compensation. They also have the decals on thier
haulers! This race ...along with the Lakeland race will be televised look for the RASN label!

Looking foward to working with these fine geltlemen come January for
testing at Daytona, and racing in Febuary during Speedweeks. Bagwell
will run the Dash race at Daytona, then the Truck race in Homestead in

Unfortunatley, the Dash Series will no longer race at Homestead, even
though they were the first to race at that facillity! Next year's NASCAR
truck race will run with IRL (???) and the Dash carswill be replaced by
Winston Cup in November for the Jiffy Lube deal. Bush will to Saturday
in the fall at Homestead for the final race. Cup cars will finish in
Atlanta with ARCA, as usual.

See Ya'll in Daytona!!!!

Dale Evans          

I.A.C. #23 Pompano Bch.          
I.A.C. #37 Miami/Homestead