Racing impaired, or with a handicap (Ernie Irvan bashing)

Racing impaired, or with a handicap (Ernie Irvan bashing)

Post by Keith Boy » Thu, 01 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Ok all you EI bashers out there....  If you think that Ernie is impaired to
the point that he cannot/should not be allowed to set foot in another Nascar
event, then why will***head, uuhh I mean Earnhardt, be allowed to qualify
and race at IMS with the serious injuries he sustained at 'Dega???? If Ernie
has to come out by your reasoning that he is now slightly handicapped, then DE
should not be allowed to set foot in a car until he has healed sufficiently
well enough to race safely. I know that he can probably pass the Nascar doctor
exam, but hey do you really think they would NOT clear him?? I mean, DE is
third in points going for his 8th chmpshp and is one of the big crowd pleasers
now. If is he willing, then you know Nascar will let him race. But what are
all you Ernie bashers gonna say if DE causes a wreck this Saturday at IMS
solely because of his (DE's) injuries????  Well, I am waiting for a good
answer on this one. If DE is in pain and has stiffness and is wearing a flak
jacket (or whatever brace) and CANNOT react, or steer the car normally at 160+
then he could well cause another major disaster like we just saw at Dega. If
that happens, then Nascar will be looked upon very unfavorably by the general
public for allowing DE back into a racecar so soon.  And if somebody gets
killed as a direct result of DE's inability to react/drive normally. then
there will probably be lawsuits and such that the sport/Nascar may never
recover from. I say that a driver who has injuries that force hospitalization
should not be allowed to race until he has fully recovered from the injuries.
I mean look at Bill, he is still out of action.  An injured driver shouldn't
be allowed to race just because he is 1st or 3rd in points. The health and
well being of all drivers are put at an even greater risk when a driver who is
less than 100% is allowed to race.  Maybe Ernie should have his license pulled
by Nascar, even though I would hate to see it happen..... I am mostly a Ford
fan and have pulled for Rusty ever since Davey got killed.

Just a few thoughts from my little cubby hole....


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