Slim Jim All Pro & Goody's Dash results 8/29

Slim Jim All Pro & Goody's Dash results 8/29

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Remember four short weeks ago when Freddie Query had a nice healthy
170-point lead in the NASCAR Slim Jim All Pro Series standings?
Remember how he won 6 of the first 10 races of the season?

A lot can happen in one month.   In the last 3 races, Freddie
has gone from up 170 to down 26.   Freddie had his third straight
finish outside the top 15, while 1997 series champ Hal Goodson
has had a win and two seconds.   So Goodson became the first non-Query
points leader of the season after Friday's BellSouth 300 at
Louisville KY.

Goodson crossed the line .241 second behind Steven Christian.
It was a good time for Steven to get his first win of the season;
the race's sponsor BellSouth is also his sponsor.
Steven is also a new daddy; Steven Christian Jr. was born in late July.

Jeff Fultz, Billy Bigley, and Derrick Gilchrist rounded out the top 5.
Surprise pole sitter Conrad Burr finished eighth.   Query was 17th.
The car count was a bit down for this race (24), but there were
six lead changes.

Don't look now, but Christian and Gilchrist have crept back into
this points race.   With 6 races left, Goodson leads Query by 26,
Christian by 116, and Gilchrist by 128.

The next NASCAR Slim Jim All Pro Series race is the ***B 200
September 5 at Lanier National Speedway in Braselton GA.
You know what that means...I GET TO SEE IT LIVE!
I promise there will be more than 24 cars for this one...usually at
least 8 or 10 cars get sent home at Lanier races.


On to the NASCAR Goody's Dash Series:
Robert Huffman couldn't quite duplicate Christian's feat of winning
his sponsor's race.   Huffman settled for second behind David Hutto
in Saturday's White House Apple Juice 100 at Hickory NC.

Huffman took the lead from pole sitter Jake Hobgood on the first lap
and led the first 57 before Hutto grabbed the point and kept it.
B.J. Mackey edged Jake for third at the stripe after both battled
Huffman to the end for second.

Ned Combs was 7th.   Returning Dash veteran Larry Caudill was 9th.
My favorite driver Chris Hall, the English road racing instructor,
was the top rookie in 10th, his third top-10 of the year.

Two other Huffmans (no relation to Robert and not sure if there's
a relation to Hickory Motor Speedway boss Huffman family --- they say
the name Huffman is like Smith in that area) made their Dash debut.
Shane Huffman finished 5th in a team car to the White House bunch,
while Westley Huffman wound up 20th in the backup Hobgood car.

28 of the 37 cars that attempted to qualify made the field.
Among the DNQs was Hickory late model contender Angie Wilson.

Huffman now leads in the standings by about 4,298 points with six
races left.   Hutto passed Ricky Bryant for second in the points
because Bryant's engine went out on lap 26 and he finished 26th.

The next Dash race is September 5 at Langley VA.


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