Mark Martin Fan Club (was: Anything Mark Martin ...)

Mark Martin Fan Club (was: Anything Mark Martin ...)

Post by Eldora » Wed, 04 May 1994 13:58:42

: Hi!  Just wanted to say that my parents are devout NASCAR fans (watching
: every race, going to C***te, Rockingham, all races on video, etc.) and
: my Dad's favorite driver happens to be Mark Martin #6.  I was wondering if
: anyone knows if there is a "fan club" for Mark that I could sign him up for,
: or at least an address to write for an autograph would be nice.  I am also
: on the lookout for any NASCAR related software on the net, if anyone could
: direct me towards it .. thanks.

Stock Car Magazine lists Martin's fan club address as:

PO box 793
Cherokee Village AR, 72525

Dues: $9 single, $12 family

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