Racing Home-TV show/Ernie&Kim Irvan

Racing Home-TV show/Ernie&Kim Irvan

Post by Bob Woo » Sat, 19 Oct 1996 04:00:00

This "show" was on Prime Sports Northwest last night. It had a female
reporter(sorry, missed her name) interviewing Ernie & Kim. The
interview was done in August sometime.

The interview was terrible. Kim talked for 20 minutes about her horses
and her horse farm, and how she met Ernie(and didn't like him at
first, "He was so arrogant"). Then Ernie talked about Jordan, their
daughter, and Jordan's birthday party. "Everybody on the race team
came, and the truck team came too."

The thing I noticed was how bored Kim was while Ernie was talking. She
had that look on her face, "Racing? You are talking about racing?"
I yelled at Kim on the TV, "Get over it! He's a professional race car
driver!!! That's what he does!! That's why YOU are rich, and why YOU
are on TV!!! That's why people are watching!! You spoiled brat!!!!"

Sorry, I had to get that off my back. Thanks for sharing.