Quantum Fantasy Football League,Results WK.5

Quantum Fantasy Football League,Results WK.5

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Subject: Quantum Fantasy League Results WK5

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GOSSIP  ( Week 5 )

The mail is coming through again and everything seems to be going ok, had a
few problems with marks last week but they have been sorted and I'm sorry
for the managers involved. This week has been doubled checked and the
programme seems to be running ok. A mis-spelt name will throw the programme
and not allocate points.
Please remember the rules about defenders and goalkeepers clean sheet
points. 60 minutes of a game has to be played.
The new transfer list is out and managers should check price changes before
doing transfers.

U-NET XI are still top of the league and we have an interview with Andy

** League Tables..  ( 22.9.96 )  WK 5 Total Goals 20

        Team name                Manager:            Pts     Man

1. U-NET XI                      Andy Jones         68  +12   Liver
2. Westside Eagles               Mark Williams      42  +9    Forest
3. Winners F.C                   Amir Tevallai      42  -3    Chels
4. Maddawberries                 Connor O'Driscol   39  +14   Evert
5. Mornington Utd                Blair Marfell      39  +3+6  Newca  +6 Adj
6. Lancaster United              Craig Eldrid       37  +3    Newca
7. Milton Regis                  Sean Hope          29  -2    Wimble
8. Irish Hammers                 Ger Kehoe          28  +11   West H
9. Mephisto City                 Mike Lacey         28  +2    Midd
10.Whitegold Wanderers           Ian Longden        28  +22   Evert
11.Morgan's Maulers              John Morgan        27  +6    Spurs
12.Quantum Leapers               Gabor Luka         22  +5+1  Villa
13.Hawthorns Heroes              Steve Whyley       21  +8    Midd
14.Giggsy Rules!                 Edwin Lee          18  +1    Chels
15.Cork City                     Barry O'shea       17  +3-1  Chels adju
16.Crackley Wanderers            Niail Houley       16  -1    Aston V
17.St Clair Wednesday            Jon Harahap        16  +3+12 Man U
18.Souness' Heart Breakers       Jason Dale         12  4     S'ton
19.THE RED DEVILS                David Edge         10  -2+3  Leic
20.Porcupines Army II            Shun-hong Liu       9  +3    Man U
21.XI Critters                   Richard Sweet       8  -2    Chels
22.Curry Town                    Mark Curry          7  -2    Spurs
23.The Pea People                Nik Miller          7  -2    Man U
24.HighHopes Utd                 Anthony O'Donavan   6  -7+5  Chel
25.Wardour Demon's               Ronnie O'carroll    5  -9+9  Villa
26.*                             Anthony O'Carroll   2   0    S'ton
27.The real Villians             Simon McCahon      -5  -3    West H

** Midweek Action From the League **
** Team News & Weekend Results **

                     Hartson 3
                     Wright 27

                     Bowen 45
                     Hughes 54
                     Rieper sent off 53

Agnew 51


 Donis 32           Unsworth 37

GRIMSBY         0-2 OXFORD

LEEDS           0-1 NEWCASTLE
Palmer sent off 39  Shearer 64

Fowler 15           Leboeuf pen 85
Berger 42, 50
Myers og 45
Barnes 5

 Champions United lost ground on leaders
 Liverpool and at times looked unusually
 shaky at the back in this draw.
 United had an early scare when Sasa
 Curcic shot wide of the post.
 But impressive Jordi Cruyff also went
 close with a header from 20 yards
 following a cross from Gary Neville.
 After the break United's Ryan Giggs hit
 the post but Villa appealed for a
 penalty when Curcic went over as keeper
 Van der Gouw made a challenge.

 Liverpool stunned title hopefuls
 Chelsea with a five-goal blitz to stay
 top of the Premiership table.
 Patrick Berger notched his sixth goal
 of the week with a brace - scoring
 after a fine run in the 42nd minute and
 adding another just after the break.
 Robbie Fowler headed the first after
 minutes and Andy Myers sealed a
 wretched day with an own goal.
 John Barnes made it 5-0 before Frank
 Leboeuf pulled one back.
 Liverpool manager Roy Evans sent out a
 chilling warning to the rest of the
 Premiership after the 5-1 thrashing of
 Chelsea at Anfield.
 He said: "We can play better than
 this. I was pleased with our movement
 but our passing was sloppy.
 "I was delighted with the result in the
 end but only reasonably pleased with
 the performance."
 Patrik Berger impressed and Evans
 added: "He's got four goals in our last
 two games and that's a good start."

 Struggling Hammers belied their lowly
 status to leapfrog over Forest with
 their second win of the season.
 Harry Redknapp's 'United Nations'
 picked themselves up from the midweek
 embarrassment at Barnet, despite having
 Marc Rieper ordered off.
 Mark Bowen opened the scoring on the
 stroke of half-time, with Michael
 Hughes sealing the three points.
 tournament, the Viva Tour Challenge.
 In between, Rieper saw red for chopping
 down Dutchman Bryan Roy.

** Transfers **
** Managers Interview.. **

MANAGER: Andy Jones

1. who do you think is your key player and why did you buy him ?
Robbie Fowler, Because he is going to be this seasons top scorer, therefore
lots of points for me.

2. what's your team called?, and why did you choice this name?
This is the name of the company i work for, they are the No.1 UK Internet
Service Provider, they gave me a job fresh out of college, so i owe my life
to them.

3. what is your team strengths  ?
A defender that can score goals (LeBeouf), a great midfield (Matteo, Cryuff
& Beckham) and 2 top strikers in Fowler & Ravanelli.

4. Tell us all a bit about yourself and where you come from (Country)?
I am 20 and i live in Rainhill, N.W England, Rainhill is 10 miles east of
Liverpool. I work for U-NET, i have failed my driving test 6 times, I'm
looking for a flat & a Woman :)

5. How's your team doing ?, and what are your plans in the transfer market?
Still Top I hope.

6. anything else you would like to say?
I support Liverpool FC, my next game i'm going to, is the return leg of the
European C.W.C against Mypa 47 of Finland, I'll be sat somewhere in the KOP.
Fav. Player is John Barnes


Well Andy you are still top and well done, Good luck with the search for a
flat and a nice woman. I know a good driving instructor if you need one :)
Next week we chat to the manager of The Pea People, yes we all want to know
why he called his team that name.  Mark..

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