English Football statistics linked to Fantasy Football.

English Football statistics linked to Fantasy Football.

Post by Roy Vernon (Y » Sun, 20 Apr 1997 04:00:00

And here is the first result of the day:

Saturday April 19 1997 11:15 Kick Off

Liverpool (1) 1 vs Manchester United (2) 3 FT
Barnes 19          Pallister 13,42
                   Cole 63
                   Att: 40892

Is it all over we ask ourselves.  Man U are now 5 points ahead with a game
in hand still.

As a team manager in a Fantasy Football league and NOT a Man Utd fan, this
information is of vital importance to me and many others.

Now if you are interested in participating in Fantasy Football then you should
visit this site:


Even if Fantasy Football holds no interest for you this site has a link to a
page (on the same site) which provides English Football Statistics for the
1996/1997 season, including the top scorers, best defensive records, etc.

It also holds details of an offer to help you run your own Fantasy Football
league for *next* season (1997/1998),  it has information on the Fantasy
Football League run by the author and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week.

The information is gathered from internet sources and processed to provide
an up to date record of what has happened this season so far.  The information
is then used in the management of Fantasy Football leagues for our own site
and for others.

Please feel free to browse.