Big Win, Big Crowd for Richmond in USISL

Big Win, Big Crowd for Richmond in USISL

Post by Tshe » Mon, 15 May 1995 04:00:00

From: Tim Sheldon
          Associate Editor
          Sidekicks International

USISL Opener in Richmond, Va., Draws 7,437

RICHMOND, VA - The Richmond Kickers of the United Systems of Independent
Soccer League (USISL) downed the Nashsville Metros, 4-1, in their
home-opener Saturday night, May14, and in the process drew a record crowd
of 7,437.

Rob Ukrop, All-American forward from Davidson,  scored twice for Richmond.
Adding a goal each were former Creighton All-American Brian Kamler and
University of ***ia All-American Ben Crawley.

Tony Siikala from Finland gave the Metros a 1-0 midway through the first
half before Ukrop made it 1-1 at the half.

Crawley scored on a "live shootout," awarded after the Metros committed
their seventh team foul. He was allowed to take the ball toward the
opposing keeper one-on-one from the top of the center circle, while the
defenders were allowed to give chase from the center line. Crawley outran
the defenders and beat goalkeeper Justin Terranova with a left-footed

USISL rules also call for two 30-minute halves with the clock stopped for
every stoppage of play. Within 35 yards of the goal line, defenders must
stay back 15 yards on a free kick and offenders may take a kick-in rather
than throw-in.

The Kickers' roster includes several college All-Americans, including
Ukrop of Davidson, Todd Yeagley and Michael Clark of Indiana, Kamler of
Creighton, Ben Crawley of ***ia and Leigh Cowlishaw of Richmond.

Many of the players currently in the USISL are waiting for Major League
Soccer (MLS) to get going next year.

The previous high in attendance this season was 4,275 in San Antonio