Brazil-Bolivia, Venezuela-Uruguay, Results Included

Brazil-Bolivia, Venezuela-Uruguay, Results Included

Post by walter garcia-font » Tue, 27 Jul 1993 07:49:51

So the tradition died and Brazil lost its first game in qualifications
round for the World Cup ever by 2-0. Uruguay beat Venezuela at home by
0-1, a goal scored by Herrera.

Bolivia's first goal reminds me of something attributed to Di Steffano.
When he was coaching, he used to say to his goal-keepers: "Ok, son,
with the shots that go to the goal you can do whatever you want, but
please don't put in the shots that go out." That's more or less what
Taffarel did in an unlucky rebound.

For the USA, and answering previous questions, Univision is showing
USA-Mexico on Monday after the last news broadcast (11:30 pacific
time, should be similar for other time zones).


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