Woking vs Barnet

Woking vs Barnet

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Woking vs Barnet  F.A.Cup 1st Round Replay      Tues 21st Nov 1995

Being a Barnet supporter has been a frustrating experience over the last couple
of years, but at Woking last night, I can rarely remember feeling more
frustrated at the end of the game. It was not as if Barnet played badly, indeed
they were unlucky not to win an enthralling and very tense cup replay.

Barnet could not have a better start, less than two minutes had elapsed when
Lee Hodges headed home Paul Wilson's cross. Unfortunately for me I didn't see
the goal as my father got lost on his way to pick me up and we only got to our
seats as the game restarted after the goal.

The following period saw play switching from end to end with both sides playing
some nice football. Early on it looked as though Barnet might well extend their
lead as their counter attacks had the Woking defence at full stretch with Lee
Hodges looking very sharp down the left side of midfield.

The game was extremely competitive and the referee had already made a few
strange decisions when the game exploded after 20 minutes. Darren Hay quite
blatently elbowed Primus in the face and the Barnet centre back responded with
a left hook that Bruno would have been proud off, leaving the Woking player
flat on his back.

Both players required lengthy treatment, then both players much to my amazement
received a yellow card. This must have been one of the clearest sending off
cases (both players) that I have seen. From then on the referees decisions
simply got worse and worse until the whole thing deterioriated into one of the
worst refereeing performances that I have ever seen. I cannot in honesty claim
the referee cost Barnet the game because Woking suffered just as badly as the
Bees from some terrible decisions.

After twenty five minutes Clive Walker created the equalizer for Woking. Steele
won a free kick about thirty yards out. Walker clipped the ball round the wall
into the space beyond and the Barnet defence froze as Darren Hay nipped into
the gap and blasted the ball past the horribly exposed Maik Taylor. Walker
certainly demonstrated quick thinking, but once again the Barnet defence made
life very easy for an opposing forward.

Barnet responded well to this set back and PAul Wilson played a superb through
ball for Devine to chase. Devine held off the challenge of a defender really
well and guided the ball past Batty in the Woking goal only to see Lloyd Wye
through him self at the ball and some how hook the ball off the line a brillian
piece of last ditch defending which made me think even at that point that it
was going to be one of those nights for Barnet.

Barnet created further half chances before the break, Cooper was inchess away
from a Campbell cross and Devine saw a lovely lob drop a foot the wrong side of
a post.

Woking opened the second half very strongly and the Barnet midfield totally
disappeared. For twenty minutes Woking had Barnet under continual pressure, but
the Barnet rear guard played really well with Maik Taylor proving to be very
calm and collected under intense pressure. Linvoy primus who definitely
shouldn't still have been on the pitch was outstanding winning a number of last
ditch challenges and generally keeping Darren Hay quiet.

Eventually Barnet rode out the storm and started to build some attacks
themselves although the quality had gone from their passing. In this period a
number of yellow cards were shown to Barnet players while the Woking players
escaped punishment for very similar offenses at the same time a number of ***
late challenges from both sides went without even a free kick. Another terrible
decision saw Scott Steele given offside despite David McDonald playing at least
five yards on side.

One of the decisive moments of the game arrived with a quarter of an hour left.
Cooper and Devine both chased a long ball to the edge of the Woking area where
a Woking defender used a hand to flick the ball away. Most of the ground missed
it as did the referee, but an eagle eyed linesman didn't and there was momentry
confusiuon as the penalty was awarded.

Earlier in the year I wrote that I thought Alan Pardew took one of the worst
penalties I have ever seen against Gillingham. Paul Wilson's penalty kick was
far worse going at least ten foot to high and ten yards too wide, the first
time Wilson has ever missed from the spot.

Even then Barnet could have one the game as they finished the tense final
minutes the stronger. From Devines cross Cooper attempted a diving header,
which was brilliantly turned away round the post by Batty probably one of the
best saves I have ever seen, Cooper certainly couldn't believe it.

In the last five minutes Woking pushed forward in a last ditch attempt to win
the game in normal time, twice Taylor had to ppunch clear with a mad scamble
going on in the six yard boxes.

Barnet dominated the opening period of extra time in the first minute Devine
got clear of the Woking defence only to be brought down on the edge of the
Woking area. I thought it was a sending off offence - the incident was right  
in front of me and I am in no doubt that a tired defender tripped Divine. To my
amazement the referee waived play on.

Although they dominated the game against a clearly tiring Woking side Barnet's
passing through the midfield was poor and a number of good situations were
wasted with Campbell and Scott particularly guilty of giving the ball away in
good positions.

Then it all went horribly wrong for Barnet when Woking scored in the last
minute of the first half of extra time with their first serious attack of the
period. Clive Walker beat Campbell with a mazzy dribble and struck a long cross
beyond the far post. Once again the Barnet defence was totally absent and Wye
had the simplest of tasks to roll the ball into the path of Steele to run in
what turned out to be the winning goal from close range. Once more Taylor had
no chance but the Barnet defence which had played so well when under heavy
pressure was guilty of a basic lapse in concentration.

Ray Clemence then risked pulling off both fullbacks replacing them with Mickey
Tomlinson and Danny Mills. Early in the second period of extra time Batty made
another good save when Hodges bouncing shot bounced right infront of him.
Generally though Barnet's final pass just got worse and worse, both
substitutes being guilty of crossing the ball from good positions into the
impressive new stand being build behind the goal.

In the last five minutes Barnet threw so many players forwards into the attack
that it was almost inevitable that Woking would find gaps and it took a
magnificent double save by Taylor who parried Steele's effort before bravely
throwing himself at Hay's feet and smothering the rebound. Seconds later Primus
dispossed Hay as he was about shoot past Taylor. Finally time ran out and
Woking had won a thrilling cup tie.

For Barnet Divine, Primus and Taylor were outstanding, for Woking Wye, Walker,
Hay and Steele all played well, but my man of the match goes ot Woking's Steve
Thompson who competed superbly for the ball in the middle of the park and
distributed the ball well all evening. If Thompson had been wearing a Barnet
shirt I am quite sure that Barnet would be facing a local derby with Enfield
instead of Woking.

Dad and I got lost going home as well. It was that kind of a night if you were
a Barnet supporter.

Barnet : Taylor, Gale (Tomlinson), Campbell (Mills) Pardew, Primus, McDonald,
Hodges, Scott, Cooper, Divine, Wilson
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They say the king is losing his grip again
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