South American World Cup Qualification

South American World Cup Qualification

Post by Jackie Tellie » Thu, 06 Feb 2003 10:17:39

[women's of course ;), Can any of the SA folks give me any intel on these
teams? Players to watch? Whatever happened to Loreena?]

  Group A
Host Nation: Peru
Teams: Peru, Bolivia and Chile


April 9 Peru - Bolivia Wednesday
April 11 Bolivia - Chile Friday
April 13 Peru - Chile Sunday

Group B
Host Nation: Ecuador

Teams: ECUADOR, Colombia and Venezuela

April 9 ECUADOR - Venezuela
April 11 Colombia - Venezuela
April 13 ECUADOR - Colombia

Group C
Host Nation: Argentina
Teams: Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay

April 9 Argentina - Paraguay
April 11 Uruguay - Paraguay
April 13 Argentina - Uruguay

Final Tournament
Host Nation: Peru

April 23 Brazil-Winner of C Wednesday
Winner A-Winner B

April 25 Winner B-Winner C Friday
Brazil-Winner A

April 27 Brazil-Winner B Sunday
Winner A-Winner C

The two finalists advance to the World Cup.

"I can barely speak Italian, so what would I do in an English-speaking

Fabrizio Miccoli, Perugia's "Savior"