Report on US Cup Opener, US vs. Mexico

Report on US Cup Opener, US vs. Mexico

Post by Josi » Mon, 14 Sep 1998 04:00:00 Staff Writer

Soccer is a game of patience and calculating skill, for unlike many
sports, goals often come few and far between.

However, as to any rule there are exceptions, and one such exception
was shown to over 35,462 fans September 12 in the Nike U.S. Women's
Cup '98 opener between Mexico and the U.S. Women's National team.

In the first half, the U.S. scored five goals within a 27 minute time
span (the first two goals barley a minute apart), and they went on to
win the game 9-0 at Foxboro Stadium in Boston. For the first 17
minutes of the match, the young Mexican National team made many
valiant  attempts to hold of the more experienced U.S. team; however,
these attempts were not enough to contain the bombardment of goal that
eventually suffocated the Mexican team.

Forward Tiffany Milbrett began the onset with a wave of crosses that
were able to penetrated the Mexican defense. One such cross was
unsuccessfully cleared by the Mexican defense and Mia Hamm took the
opportunity to swoop down on the rebound and she attained her 98th
international goal. Milbrett raced back again just a few moments later
with another cross that was intercepted by Kristine Lilly, who knocked
the ball into the back of the net to give the U.S. a (2-0) lead.

"A whole bunch of people scored tonight and that's a positive for the
team," said Hamm in a U.S. Soccer press release. "But Mexico has some
young players with good skill and more experience will help them."

Mexico continued to feel Milbrett's impact throughout the first half,
when she seemed to have her foot in almost every goal. After setting
up her teammates repeatedly Milbrett finally got a goal of her own in
32nd minute, after taking a pass from Michelle Akers to score.

In the 40th minute Milbrett would once again left her mark in the
After receiving a square pass from Lilly, Hamm took a shot in the
penalty box that was blocked. Milbrett's scrappy play kept the ball
alive by sliding into the ball and knocking it off the right post.
Hamm got the rebound and smacked the ball into the back of the net for
her 99th international goal.

With that goal Hamm came just one goal short of attaining the 100th
goal milestone that is also being sought by 11 year friend and
teammate Michelle Akers. Akers went scoreless during the match,
however she is staying close to Hamm with 97 international goals.
Italy's Elisabetta Vignotta (108 career goals) and Carolina Morace
(105) are both now retired, and are the only players, men or women, to
score 100 international goals.

"It was an outstanding crowd tonight and it would have been wonderful
to see Mia score her 100th" said U.S. Head Coach Tony DiCicco in a
U.S. Soccer press release. "But there will be plenty of chances for
that in this tournament and we have two tough games left against
Russia and Brazil."

Lilly added to all the e***ment of Hamm's 99th goal just a few
minutes later when she scored her second goal for the night, extending
the U.S. lead (5-0).

Hamm went on in the second half to assist in the final four goals of
game. Hamm's first assist came from a dish off to Shannon MacMillan in
the 52nd minute. Then defender Joy Fawcett headed in Hamm's corner
kick in the 60th. Tisha Venturini slid in a cross from Hamm in the
65th and Debbie Keller delivered the Mexican team their final blow
from a pass from Hamm in the 76th.

Hamm will be looking to join the elite group of 100 September 18th,
when the U.S. plays Russia in Rochester, New York. National team fans
can catch the action live on ESPN at 8 p.m. ET.

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Woohoo! If they keep up like this, we're gonna win the Cup easy!


Report on US Cup Opener, US vs. Mexico

Post by Chris Francisc » Mon, 14 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Nice report; keep them up! I'm particularly pleased that ESPN continues to
show these games. I realize they are hyping the sport for the '99 World
Cup, but it's great to be able to watch Mia and the ladies regardless.