International Soccer Results/Club Pages addition/request

International Soccer Results/Club Pages addition/request

Post by Robert Pa » Sat, 27 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I've just created a new section on the international soccer results homepage.


This page will contain a list of soccer related homepages on the net. I won't be
the one adding the URL's to the page. I've written a perl script that will handle
the addition and the deletion of URL's. There is a HTML form that can be filled
out for submission. Once you add the URL, it's immediately added to the list.
Also, URL's can be removed from the list. Only the person that added the URL can
remove it ( that's what I ask for the user's email address ).

This is intended for soccer-related URL's only. I will periodically go though the
list to make sure nothing inappropriate is there.

Thanks for your attention. Check out the URL and let me know how it works...


Bob Pack
Systems Engineer
UUNET Technologies