Romario: "Nowadays, I am the best"

Romario: "Nowadays, I am the best"

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[Altho' when the interviewer asked him flat out, who was a better player,
Zidane or Rivaldo, he hemmed-and-hawed. Read the interview, you'll see what
a mountain he's got on his shoulder.]

RIO DE JANEIRO, February 15 (DS) - Brazilian striker Romario revealed over
his chances to play at the upcoming Mundial in his interview to Spanish

(Q) Do you consider Spanish soccer to be one of the strongest in the world?
(A) The difference between the greatest clubs and the middling ones was not
so obvious during my performance in Spain. Now the case is different but I
don't know whether the grand clubs became weaker or the middling ones
improved their performance.

(Q) Could you name the main favorite to win the championship?
(A) I think it is almost impossible to predict the winner as the teams play
in various tournaments and it is very hard to keep stability. However, I
think Real became one of the strongest clubs after the arrival of Zidane. As
to Barcelona, I think they have good chances to stop the supremacy of the
Royal Club.

(Q) Whom do you consider to be a better player: Zidane or Rivaldo
(A) I don't think it is sensible to compare the players, as it is a very
complicated issue. Both of them are great players with unique style.

(Q) What could you comment on the favorite clubs in Europe?
(A) I think the same refers to the European clubs, though Real Madrid,
Bayern Munich and Manchester United seem to be the strongest, however I
would like to see Barcelona on top.

(Q) What do you think about the upcoming Mundial?
(A) I think making predictions is quite ungrateful, as I had predicted on
the eve of the WC-1998 final that Brazil will score three or four goals, but
we are well aware of what happened on pitch. I believe soccer is still as
abrupt as before. However, I think the main favorites in the WC-2002
campaign are going to be France, Italy, Brazil and Argentina. Spain is also
very strong but I don't think they will be favorites in the tournament,
taking into account their recent poor performance in the tournaments.

(Q) What about your chances to play at Mundial?
(A) I am keen to play in the WC campaign, as it will be my farewell to the
great soccer scene. I didn't play in France as it was the will of Zagalo and
Zico. Now I do my best to keep my form and play at Mundial, however the
decisive step is going to be made by the coach.

(Q) Do you think it will be unjust not to call you for Mundial?
(A) Soccer is a subject of present. But I don't think it is good to forget
about my brilliant past. I think it will be expedient action to call me for
Mundial as nowadays I am the best.