Draws for African Nations Cup '96

Draws for African Nations Cup '96

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Draw  for the qualifying rounds of the 1996 African  Nations
Cup  announced by the Confederation of African  Football  on

      Group  One  -  Cameroon, Lesotho,  Malawi,  Swaziland,
Zaire, Zimbabwe.
       Group  Two  -  Guinea  Bissau,  Liberia,  Mauritania,
Senegal, Togo, Tunisia.
      Group  Three  -  Central African Republic  or  Rwanda,
Congo, Gambia, Ghana, Niger, Sierra Leone.
     Group Four - Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania,
      Group Five - Gabon, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles,
South Africa, Zambia.
     Group Six - Angola, Botswana, Guinea, Mali, Mozambique,
      Group Seven - Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde Islands,
Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Morocco.

       The  Central  African  Republic  and  Rwanda  play  a
preliminary round tie over two legs in June with the  winner
going to group three.

      Top  two  finishers in each group qualify, along  with
hosts Kenya, for the final tournament.

      The winner of Sunday's final between Nigeria or Zambia
will  automatically qualify as holders. Should Zambia emerge
as winners groups one and five will change to:
     Group One - Gabon, Lesotho, Malawi, Nigeria, Swaziland,
       Group   Five   -  Cameroon,  Madagascar,   Mauritius,
Seychelles, South Africa, Zaire.

      The  first  qualifying matches will be played  on  the
weekend of September 2-4.