Scottish Results - Premier League

Scottish Results - Premier League

Post by Morna J. Findl » Tue, 24 Apr 1990 22:47:25

          Scottish Premier League - Results April 21

Celtic          1       Dundee          1       (Creaney: Dodds (P))
Dundee United   0       Rangers         1       (Steven)
Hearts          1       Aberdeen        0       (MacKay)
Motherwell      1       Hibernian       0       (Arnott)
St Mirren       1       Dunfermline A.  2       (O'Boyle (P), Jack)

                      P   W  D  L   F:A  Pts.
Rangers..............34  19 10  5  45:18  48
Hearts...............34  16 10  8  52:33  42
Aberdeen.............34  15 10  8  51:32  40
Celtic...............34  10 13 11  35:33  33
Dundee United........34  11 11 12  35:38  33
Hibernian............34  12  8 14  32:39  32
Motherwell...........34  10 11 13  40:45  31
Dunfermline Athletic.34  11  7 16  36:47  29
Saint Mirren.........34  10  9 15  28:46  29
Dundee...............34   5 13 16  39:62  23

So, Rangers have won the league.....

Hearts took revenge on Aberdeen ( who put them out of the cup)
and go into second place, their UEFA cup spot assured. They had
a good European run last year, going out to Bayern Munich, and
have been playing some entertaining fitba in the second half of
this season.

Gloom. Celtic could only draw with Dundee in front of the
smallest home crowd of this season. The silence from the remote
and untouchable directors is as deafening as ever. The
alternative Celtic fanzine 'Not the View' compares Celtic with
Liverpool in an intriguing article...

Celtics' avarage attendance and gate money is slightly higher
than Liverpools', yet their wage bill (for players) is estimated
to be half that of the Anfield side. Where is all the money
going? - asks NTV. NOT into the team or into the ground, that's
for sure. Still what can we expect from a bunch of directors
who are born into the job, and regard running Celtic FC as
their inalienable bithright, regardless of their lack of
success...? Gloom.

Dundee are now to be relegated  to the first division.

St Mirren and Dunfermline heaved  sighs of relief now that they
are assured of remaining in the Premier League, and celebrated
by entertaining happy fans in style.


p.s. Be warned, the Scottish team has just recorded its' World
Cup song. I haven't heard it yet, but "The Herald" pictures the
team recoding the song dressed in tracksuits of truly frightening
design, as all you fitba-strip buffs will be interested to know.

     FORZA   SCOZIA !!!      F I V E         I N     A       R  O  W

  Italee! Italee! We're the Famous Tartan Army - and we're going tae Italee!