US-Eng game/Game control issues

US-Eng game/Game control issues

Post by Vasudev Gharpu » Sat, 12 Jun 1993 00:37:00

Re: Game control issues/ US-Eng match

>    I am a referee in a small (~150,000) town in Oregon, and unless you
>have cable, there isn't a lot of access to Good soccer with highly skilled

        You call that small! How about a town (~40,000) *with* cable and
still very poor soccer coverage. :-(

>of the referees are registered.  Most of them are incredibly reluctant to give
>a card.  I've seen defenders catch shots on goal without being Cautioned, much
>less ejected, and I have heard players loudly tell the referee to F*** Off, and
>this didn't earn a response either.  (I was the linesman, and when I called the
>referee over to eject the player, he refused.)  Referees complain about the
>game-control problems here, but I think a large part of it is that many of them
>consider it to be a personal flaw if they need to caution a player.  Toss a
>couple of players out for abusive language, and they will get the picture.

        Precisely. I think the American kids watch too much baseball and get
entirely the wrong picture about acceptable level of protests.

        I think I saw hints of this in the US-Eng 2-0 game yesterday. (Ah
yes, our cable did show a delayed telecast.)

        The Americans were too inclined to protest when they had a slight
reason to do so. Compare this to the (almost) nonexistent protests from the
English when they had a reasonable case for penalty (I think).

        At that point I almost thought that the *strong* English team had
been *asked* to lay off the *weak* US team and let them play, possibly win.

        I unconditionally swallowed my picture tube after seeing the whole

        Recently a few Englishmen have been boasting about having given the
world the game. Well, it certainly looks like they have given it away and
left nothing for themselves. :-)

Vasudev Gharpure