Coppa Italia 1996-97 (draws, etc + Xfer news)

Coppa Italia 1996-97 (draws, etc + Xfer news)

Post by Hamid Dastk » Fri, 28 Jun 1996 04:00:00

The 1996-97 Coppa Italia kicks off on Friday August 23, 1996.
48 teams from Serie A, B and C-1 participate with direct eliminations.
The top 12 Serie A (from last season except for Atalanta
and Piacenza) plus the 4 newly-promoted teams from
Serie B to A will get a bye for 2nd round.

For the first 3 rounds, only one leg is played at the
home of the "weaker" team.  For the 1/4 finals and afterwards,
on the other hand, there will be home and away legs.

The draw for the first two rounds are as follows:
(X represents respective Serie C-1 teams to be drawn later.  As an example,
winner of 1st round between Chievo-X will play Milan in 2nd round)


 Rd. 1             Rd. 2
 -----             -----
   X               Milan

   X               Reggiana

   X               Sampdoria

   X               Vicenza

   X               Napoli

   X               Roma

   X               Bologna

   X               Fiorentina


   X               Lazio

   X               Verona

   X               Parma

   X               Cagliari

   X               Udinese

   X               Inter

   X               Perugia

   X               Juventus

- In other news, Zamorano the Chilean striker who last season was at
  Real Maddrid arrives at Inter, signing a contract with the neroazzurro
  club ending in year 2000.

- Lazio is getting the Czech midfielder Pavel Nedved with a 4-yr contract.