Fergie for Rangers (was Re: hands off FERGIE ya b

Fergie for Rangers (was Re: hands off FERGIE ya b

Post by Stephen Murr » Tue, 26 Jan 1993 22:16:19

> David Murray tonight confirmed that Rangers tabled a bid of 2.5 million
> for Ferguson but McLean says no bids have been received and if they were,
> he confirmed that he will NOT sell Ferguson to any Club especially Rangers.

Here's what will happen. DUFC will sell Fergie to Spurs (or maybe Chelsea or
Everton) for about 1.8 milion, and he will play for them for about a year,
before being transferred to Rangers for 2.5 million in summer 94. The clubs
will then get a pre-season frendly out of it.
Did somebody mention Richard Gough ???

> Now that United have unearthed him (Ferguson) and polished him off, they want
> the finished article at a knock down price! And why not!

Coz Tannadice is a cess-pit and Dundee Utd need the dosh to bring it up to
standard in time for the Taylor report deadline

> Where were Rangers when Gough first went on trial there?
> Did they sign him and develop his talent?

No. They let him develop at Tannadice where they got four or five seasons
out of him before *** him to Spurs for less than they would have got from

> Rangers fans may call me a bigot for using the term, Hun, to
> describe their LOYAL following but then I don't chant sectarian songs

Absolutely, coz the Dundee United strip is TANGERINE. That colour would never
be considered ORANGE would it ???

> McLean should say nothing to the press, stick Ferguson in the reserves until
> 1998.

And all the LOYAL fans would really stand by that decision wouldn't they ???

> The "Loyal" Rangers following(who pissed off between 1980 and 1986 but
> came back following Sounesss' first championship)

I can rember the scenes in 1983 when Tannadice was packed with folk when you
won the League. Where are all of them now ???


"Happiness is a time, a place, a memory, a chemical imbalance or shift"

PS Maurice Malpas is the best right-footed left-back I have ever seen