NAS Re: Lalas suspended and fined

NAS Re: Lalas suspended and fined

Post by MichaelDawso » Fri, 12 Jul 1996 04:00:00

>What was he doing kicking the ball into the stands???
>seems like the ref was right about the red card too.

I was fortunate to be at the game, on the field, and just to the right of the goal when the red
card was thrown.  I had a good view of the incident and this is what I saw:

It was a close game, hard fought, and the Revolution was seemingly playing a strategy of heavy
fouling to disrupt the Galaxy.  The ball went over the ball boards just to the left of the
goal.  St. Andre went back to the board to get a ball.  One ball was thrown hard at St. Andre's
chest from just behind the ball boards by someone with a temporary press pass.  The ball bounced
off St. Andre's chest and then off the ball board.  He yelled something at the guy and bent over
to pick up the ball.  The ball boy also lazily tossed one onto the field.

Lalas came over and lost it.  He kicked the ball boy's tossed ball past the perpetrator's head
into the stands and went to the ball board and screamed at the guy with a finger in his face.  He
started back on the field and then turned and screamed some more.  His face was beet red and he
was obviously pissed.

The ref came up and instantly showed the red (Lalas already had a yellow, but I never say the ref
show one here, just the red).  Lalas really didn't argue much with the card, although some of his
team mates did (has anyone ever been red carded where they didn't?)

After the game in the news interview room, he was very apologetic.  He apologized to the fans,
the Galaxy, and his team mates for losing his cool.  Then he explained he believed being on the
field was a privilege (I agree) and his keeper didn't deserve having things thrown at him (It was
a ball; I don't think it was anything dangerous, but it sure was disrespectful and not expected.
 Now if someone had thrown a beer or water bottle at him....).  He joked that he had "incredible
skills" and was obviously not "trying to hit anyone with the ball" he had kicked into the stands.

I believe the red card was justifiable for his kicking the ball at someone off the field, if not
the overall incident.  What I read in this morning's paper about Logan's ruling was that the
suspension and fine were being held off while the incident was investigated.  It really isn't a
precident because they have already waived the one-game suspension for a red card on a couple of
other occasions (LA Coach Osiander's red card in Tampa, and ?... someone help me out here.)

By the way, the guy who threw the ball was escorted out immediately afterwards by security.
Nobody that I questioned in the press corp had found out who he was or why he was on the field.
He walked right past me on his way out, a short dark haired guy with a temporary field pass.

I do question any red card suspension being waived because I think it undermines the credibility
of the refs in a league that already has some marginal officiating.  Does anyone out there with
knowledge of European and other leagues know?  Do red card suspensions get waived other places?

That's all I know.....


NAS Re: Lalas suspended and fined

Post by MichaelDawso » Sat, 13 Jul 1996 04:00:00


> Thanks for filling me in. Seems like everyone involved can handle this
> situation better.

> What was Campos complaining about on a few of those times when the
> Revolutions seemed to be wasting time. I did not think they were
> wasting a lot of time, but he seemed upset?
> When Campos plays up front, he seems to always do this:  When the Galaxy

scores, he runs into the net, grabs the ball and runs it back to the
half-way line.  When there is a goal kick, he grabs the ball sets it up
for the opposing keeper, and backs up.  All to save time, I suppose.  St.
Andre was rather bemused by all of this, and after Campos would set up
the ball at the six-yard box line, he would smile, bend over, pick up the
ball, twirl it around and reset it on the grass.  Then, he would walk
back behind the end line and take his time before taking the kick.  He
was wasting time, no doubt about it.  But I don't think he wasted any
more than otherwise.  In my opinion, Campos' antics just added to the
time wasting and was counterproductive to his intention.

My cent and a half..... Mick