News for Arsenal fans - 1/11/90

News for Arsenal fans - 1/11/90

Post by Brian Dogge » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 18:22:33

After writing the last note, I turned on the car radio and caught the last
20 minutes or so of the Man. City/Arsenal Rumbelow's Cup tie. Perry Groves,
replacing an off-form Rocastle in the line-up had already put Arsenal a
goal to the good in the second half. "......and it's a corner....over it's bundled in! Adams!..." and haven't I seen him do this
before? When Tony decides to go for the ball I think it's only a brick
wall that will stop him. For bravery, maximum points, for foolhardiness, I
don't know, but it's a sight to behold. And so with Arsenal 2 goals up it
was a pleasure (in some respects) to hear that Campbell was coming on as
a substitute. A pleasure muted as it was Limpar who was being substituted,
even to the surprise of the radio commentators. With 15 minutes left a ball
from Smith put Campbell through and the shot was pushed away by the Man.
City goalie. Commentary gave the impression of, as I've seen on many
occasions, about 70% possession by Arsenal "....they're working hard....
professional at the back...very composed..." With 8 minutes left, Quinn
headed on a free kick (good old Naill, I think) and Allen scored to
reduce the deficit, reminiscent of the style of Platt's goal on the
turn for England in the World Cup. In the closing minutes Merson had a
good shot saved and Campbell wasted a half chance. Quinn headed on again
(no...don't do it Naill!...) but Dixon cleared (phew!) and that was about
        Final score: Manchester City 1 Arsenal 2

This is really quite a remarkable start to the season - Arsenal remain

Events are really happening faster than I can type. Yesterday evening the
match of the round, Manchester United against Liverpool, produced an
unexpected result (unless you're a Man. U. supporter) and Liverpool went down
by three goals to one, this being Liverpool's first defeat since last April.
So they are human after all, and with a league match at Tottenham Hotspur's
on Sunday (Spurs also undefeated this season) there's almost a chance that
Arsenal could make up some ground on them (but then, so would Tottenham). The
season's beginning to look very interesting.......

The draw for the 4th round of the Rumbelow's Cup was made last night. You're
not going to believe this. You've guessed? - that's right......


I'm sorry, but I didn't notice what the rest of the draw was....... {Right,
now No.1 son, Ian, perhaps he can get the tickets, and No.2, Alan, he'll
want to see it as well...but he'd really want to stand down the Man. U. end
...he'll just have to keep quiet, or's bound to be on the telly..
....can't miss this one...can you IMAGINE the atmosphere?.....}

Some program extracts to follow, especially interesting is "A Message from
the Chairman" re you-know-what.


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