MLS-Empire S.C. Supporters Club forming

MLS-Empire S.C. Supporters Club forming

Post by Kevin Mcallist » Fri, 01 Sep 1995 04:00:00


MLS kicks off in March of 1996 and it is time to start seriously
thinking about first division club play in the USA.  Kevin
McAllister of The Firm and Sam's Army is now forming the Empire
S.C. supporters group.  General Manager Charlie Stillitano's
office has assured me that we will be given our own supporters'
section at Empire S.C. matches, similar to the arrangements that
have been made for Sam's Army at U.S. national side matches
during the past summer.  All soccer supporters in the NY/NJ/CT/PA
area (and beyond) are encouraged to join up now so that you can
sing and cheer with us beginning in March.

Empire S.C. season ticket holders will be able to choose seating
in the supporters' group section at Giants Stadium, and
individual ticket buyers will be able to purchase tickets for
this section at the Giants Stadium box office on match days.

Thanks for the support of the NYC Firm.  If all goes well, we hope to use
the NYC Firm name for the
supporters club.  In the near future we will be polling Empire S.C.
supporters to decide on a name for the supporters section at Giants
Stadium (I like
The Swamp).  Please feel free to send along your comments and
suggestions so that we can consider your favorites in the

The most important thing we can all do right now is to let Empire
S.C know that soccer supporters are interested in this plan.
Charlie Stillitano's office will decide on the size of our
supporters section based upon the amount of interest expressed by
our members.  Take a few minutes to do the following to make sure
that Empire S.C. knows you are out there and so that you don't
miss out on any pertinent information as the March 1996 kick-off
draws near:  

1) To make sure that you are on the mailing list to receive
official ticket-related mailings from Empire S.C., call the club
offices at (201)531-2800 and tell them that you are interested in
ticket information for the upcoming MLS season (tickets will go
on sale late in 1995 or early in 1996).  You can also write for
this information using the following address:

Supporters Group Ticket Information
c/o General Manager Charlie Stillitano's office
Empire S.C.
One Harmon Plaza, 8th Floor
Secaucus, NJ 07094

***Make sure to tell them that you will be buying tickets in the
supporters group section***

2) To obtain unofficial electronic news and updates on the
supporters club, send your e-mail address to Kevin McAllister at
the following address:

We will soon begin publishing an electronic monthly newsletter
for the supporters club chock full of new developments with the
supporters club and Empire S.C.(if you prefer a hard copy of the
newsletter, send along your snail mail address).

All Empire S.C. supporters are encouraged to join Sam's Army and
the supporters club will travel en masse to USA national side
events as the Empire S.C. brigade of Sam's Army.  We welcome your
comments, suggestions and general feedback at the e-mail
address above.  WE HOPE YOU LIKE THE IDEA

Check out Mark Wheeler's web page at:

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P.O. Box 250397
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