In article, (Richard Marshall) writes:

In article, (Richard Marshall) writes:

Post by Peter Mil » Sat, 06 Jun 1992 17:22:09


>>|He was without doubt the world's greatest goalkeeper at one time.
>>If memory serves me correctly he had the disticntion of longevity not
>>talent.  He was one of the finest, but certainly not the best.  Didn't
>>he make it to 2 WC's?

>I don't think he had the distinction of longevity, otherwise he would have
>been playing long after 1972.
>He was talented. What about that save from Pele in the 1970 WC? (NB I have
>only seen this on recordings, as I was not around then!)

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How quickly you forget your champions .!!!!!

Gordon Banks was a brilliant Goalkeeper. In his time, there was only one keeper
compared to him, that being a young Pat Jennings.

He was regularly spoken of and compared with the great Lev Yashin.!!!!

Re longevity - His playing days were cut short, due to a terrible car accident,
where he lost one of his eyes.!!! I cannot remember which one.

Later that year or the following year, he toured out here in Australia with Stoke City
and in fact he played in the 1st half of a match against either Australia or NSW,
and despite his obvious handicap, he kept a blank sheet.

We remember you Gordon, lest we forget.!!

Who will ever forget his penalty save against Martin Peters in one of the late 1960's
Cup finals.

Shame on all of you, who blaspheme against Gordon the Great.