Missing Australian Players

Missing Australian Players

Post by Reg Dat » Fri, 22 Jun 2007 11:31:32

I count 5 World Cup squad members not going to the Asia Cup.

Kennedy, Skoko, Chipperfield, Moore and Kallac

The defence suffers most:

Chipperfield, Neill, Moore and Emerton would have been a dream
defensive team. Very experienced and with lots of pace on the flanks.
Neill and Moore very solid in the middle.

Arnold is planning to turn David Carney into a left back
for the tournement. That says it all.
Kallac is also a huge lose (even though he may not have
got a game anyway).

Josip Skoko is still pissed off about his treatment at the
world cup. A shame because he has battled his way into
the Wigan team and is clearly better than some of the
midfielders chosen. And he is a playmaker.

It was Kennedy that provided something different up front
at the world cup and his height would have been a factor
against height-challenged Asian teams. Another shame.