Please please please please please

Please please please please please

Post by Steve Jone » Tue, 13 May 2003 06:52:43

8 years old, watching a bus come through Tettenhall Wood, a trophy after
beating the European class of Nottingham Forest.  Then despair, the drop,
the drop, the drop, the failed playoffs, the rise and rise.  Steve Bull with
over 100 goals in two seasons, sticking with the club when the big time
beckoned... and never making it there with Wolves.

Ever since I moved away from Wolverhampton I've been waiting for us to make
the move just one division into the top flight.  4 failed playoffs attempts,
one capitulation, lots of 7th or 8th place finishes, an encylopedia of
managers, millions of pounds of players.

COME ON LADS.  Lets not be pretty, lets not be scared.  Lets thrape Reading
on Wednesday, then go through in Cardiff as a result of a dodgy penalty and
an dreadful disallowed goal.

Be our year, be our year.  I won't talk about "deserve" because you have to
earn that, but***the Forest fans,***the Reading fans,***the
Blades fans.  Hope you all get promoted next season, but please to the god
of all that is good and great (Billy Wright) let this be the year.