32 penalties...

32 penalties...

Post by Joachim Parsc » Fri, 22 Jun 2007 16:25:00

...were needed to determine the winner in the U21-EC semifinal
between England and the Netherlands. Quite amazing.

Even more amazing was the fact, that not all of the "extra"
penalties were converted. Actually the Dutch and the English
player missed their penalties "synchronous" twice :-)

Full story of the penalties (obviously both teams had one member
sent off during the match):
England +  Netherlands +
England +  Netherlands -
England +  Netherlands +
England -  Netherlands +
England +  Netherlands +

Duels 6 - 8:
England +  Netherlands +

Duel 9:
England -  Netherlands -

Duel 10: Limping english player (some ballyhoo before the
penalty, because the english tried to avoid, that the injured
man had to take a penalty, but the Dutch coach stormed the
field and prevented this) and Dutch goalkeeper
England +  Netherlands +

Duels 11 - 14:
England +  Netherlands +

Duel 15:
England -  Netherlands -

Duel 16:
England -  Netherlands +

Some dry remarks by the German commentator of Eurosport.
During extra-time, one-way football with only the Netherlands
"Probably the first time, that an english team is longing for
a penalty shoot-out."
When the English coach Stuart Pearce (who missed a penalty himself
in the shoot-out vs. Germany 1990) sorted out his players:
"Well, he can only tell them how not to do it."

Quite good entertainment :-)