The Prediction League - new leagues for March

The Prediction League - new leagues for March

Post by Mick Sheppa » Tue, 03 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

It's the start of a new month a new set of leagues in The Prediction
League. If you are a fan of one of the following teams have a bit of fun
predicting the results of the league matches and see how good you are.

                          next match
Arsenal                   West Ham (2nd March - HURRY!!)
Blackburn Rovers          Leeds United (11th March)
Liverpool                 Bolton Wanderers (7th March)
Manchester United         Sheffield Wednesday (7th March)
Newcastle United          Leicester City (7th March)
Tottenham Hotspur         Leeds United (7th March)

Sunderland                Notts Forest (4th March)

Watford                   Walsall (3th March - HURRY!!)

To enter a prediction point your browser at and select the matches you
want to predict the results for. Entering a prediction registers you with
The Prediction League. Predictions are accepted up to 1 hour before kickoff
and the leagues are updated within 4 hours of the end of the games.

If you would rather play by email send a blank message to

Good luck,

Mick Sheppard