rss Fantasy Fantasy Football - new game sign up

rss Fantasy Fantasy Football - new game sign up

Post by Real Mardi » Wed, 25 Apr 2012 05:02:42

There are many Fantasy Football Leagues out there and readers of this
group wont need me to repeat how they work.

But despite being referred to as Fantasy Leagues, these games are
inextricably linked to reality. The points players score are based
directly on their performances in real life.

Where is the fantasy in that?!?

If anyone is in the mood for a real fantasy trip, I present to you:
rss Fantasy Fantasy Football!

No, its not a typo yes, I really did type Fantasy Fantasy!

The rules of the game can be found below and wont be too much of a
surprise to those who have played Fantasy Sports before. But the
difference is, instead of being linked into real life matches,
managers in the game score depending on how well their players perform
in matches simulated on Football Manager 2012! Well be fantasizing
over the fantasy, if you will!

If anyone is interested in playing, register your interest on this
thread letting me know in order of preference which three *European*
Leagues you would most like to see this played in. A first choice vote
is worth more than a second choice one, a second choice is worth more
than a third choice. *Only one league will be selected to be played*,
this is the only league from which you will be able to purchase
players, this is the league the matches will be simulated in. All the
major European Leagues are available (Spain, England, Italy, Germany
etc),  as are the supporting leagues (France, Holland, Greece, Turkey,
Russia) and even some of the more obscure leagues (Hungary, anyone?
Belarus? We could enter uncharted territory for Fantasy Leagues!).

Let me know of your interest (or lack thereof!) by 4pm GMT Friday 27th

The rules of the game are found below. One small difference between
this and most fantasy leagues is that you get bonus points for your
players being rated highly for their match performance, although you
can also have points taken away if they play poorly. So getting the
goals and assists isnt necessarily the be all and end all (although
it will no doubt help!).

1.      Each manager is allocated a budget (depending on the league voted
for) with which to assemble a squad of 16 players. The squad must
consist of at least: 2 goal keepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3
strikers. The 16th player can be from any position.

2.      The manager who registered first gets first choice to purchase one
player from the list to be provided. The transfer value of the player,
as dictated by Football Manager 2012 is taken off the managers
transfer budget. The second manager to register then gets to purchase
a player, until all managers have purchased one player. The process is
then repeated until all managers have a squad of 16 players.

3.      Players in the game are considered unique, ie, there is only one
Lionel Messi. The same player cannot be signed for two clubs.

4.      Once a squad has been assembled, each manager needs to select a
formation and starting XI. *The formation and starting eleven cannot
be changed until the Winter Break in January (game time), so make sure
it is one youre comfortable with.

5.      The available formations are: 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 4-3-3, 3-5-2, 3-4-3,
5-3-2 and 5-4-1.

6.      Players can only play in the position assigned to them in FM2012.
Eg, a DR/DL can play as a wide defender on either side of the pitch
but not as a centre back or midfielder. For avoidance of doubt, wing
backs are classed as defenders, they cant take up a midfield
position. Likewise attacking midfielders are *midfielders*, they
cannot play as strikers in the modern interpretation of the 4-3-3.

7.      Managers should specify which position each player holds in the
formation. Traditional positions should be kept to in terms of the
defensive positions, eg, a formation with 4 defenders should feature
two centre backs, a right back or right wing back and a left back or
left wing back. It should not feature four centre backs. A formation
with three defenders should either feature three centre backs or one
centre back and two wide defenders. There is more flexibility with the

8.      Be sure to point out which midfield players will play as a
defensive midfielders as the scoring for these players works
differently.  Only a player listed by FM2012 as a DM can be
nominated as a Defensive midfielder.

9.      Each match week, matches in the league the managers voted to play
in will be simulated on FM2012. Your players score according to how
well they perform in the game based on the scoring schedule set out

10.     If a player is injured, suspended or simply isnt picked in one
particular match week, one of your 5 substitutes will be brought in to
replace him for that week only. Substitutions will be made with a view
to protecting the tactical integrity of your side, eg, if a midfielder
is injured a midfielder will replace him if possible. It might be that
a CM ends up replacing an MR, so the formations wont always be
perfect and it might also be that if you have more than one injury
your formation is forced to change slightly.

11.     During the winter break, transfers can be made. Managers are
restricted to one transfer for every position on the pitch, eg, one
defender, one midfielder etc. Transfers can be made in two ways
either by wheeling and dealing with other managers on rss, eg,
negotiating player part exchanges or by simply selling a player back
to the pool for his current transfer value and buying a replacement
player from the list. You will have the benefit of any funds left over
from assembling your squad at the start of the game. So if you have 10
million left over after buying your team, you will have 10 million to
spend in the winter break.

12.     Only league matches count towards your score. The winner is the
manager who has the most points at the end of the season.

Fantasy Fantasy Football Scoring Scheme

Plays 68 minutes or more                2 points
Plays less than 68 minutes      1 point
Rated between 7 and 7.9         3 points
Rated between 8 and 8.9         6 points
Rated 9+                        12 points
Man of the Match                8 points
Goal                    6 points
Assist                  4 points (* different for Defensive Midfielders)
Yellow Card                     -1 point
Red Card                        -6 points (in a double yellow card situations, only  minus
6 applies, the minus 1 for the yellow card is disregarded)
Rated 5.9 or under              -3 points
Own goal                        -6 points


Clean Sheet plays 68 minutes +      6 points
Clean Sheet plays less than 68 mins 3 points
Concedes more than 3 goals      -1 point for every goal from the 4th goal

(Note in a situation where a player is subbed when his team are
keeping a clean sheet and the team go onto concede after he leaves the
pitch, he will be deemed to have kept a clean sheet).

Clean Sheet                     3 points
Assist                  2 points