Official's Official Websites?

Official's Official Websites?

Post by Riffste » Mon, 25 Feb 2002 00:42:57

Maybe some of you knew this - but I find it supifying that
officials have their own websites. Oh well, why not.....

The bald one.....Pierluigi Collina........

Some good humor in this - and a english portion too -
"The Bald-Headed Club" having a couple of funny
photographs in particular. And the english actually isn't
bad - certainly a step up from the fractured english
that is seen on most team's official sites.

Another of the major Italian referees......

More content in this and a somewhat interesting "snowfall"
effect on the home page. More informative and more
dry in its' approach. Unfortunately no English section for
those unable to understand "la bella lingua". Still, regardless
of knowledge of the language, check out "Stagione 2001-2002"
for a listing of all games officiated by Messina this year.You
don't really need to know the language to figure out that page.
Well - one thing - "ammoniti" means "booked".

- Riff ".....and 'ho fame' means 'I am hungry'.....Ster


Official's Official Websites?

Post by Jackie Tellie » Mon, 25 Feb 2002 01:43:35

: The bald one.....Pierluigi Collina........

LOL!  My hero! his birthday 02/13/60 my birthday 02/17/60....and a great
year it was!

here is my fav wallpaper