Cyprus football championship

Cyprus football championship

Post by Theodore P. Dav » Wed, 26 May 1993 05:37:57

Here are the results of this week's games in the Cypriot championship. Sorry,
I don't have the standings, except from that Apollon is first in the league,
followed (very close) by Omonoia.  Next week will be the last one of the season.
Apollon and Omonoia will play together at Makario.

<That's all the info I got from the newslist HELLAS.  Anybody who knows more?>

AEL-Evagoras        3-0
APOEL-EPA           2-1
Salamina-Olympiakos 3-1
Paralimni-Axna      2-3
APOP-Arhs           0-2
POL-Omonoia         4-2
Apollwn-Anor0wsh    1-0

Have a nice day,
Theodore David