The BBC's moronic Saturday scheduling

The BBC's moronic Saturday scheduling

Post by The Doct » Mon, 26 Jun 2006 07:11:21


>> If the Germany Sweden match overruns and goes to penalties Doctor Who will
>> probably get over 8 million like it did when the FA cup final, but if it
>> ends after normally time the moronic Just for Laughs ***will drive away
>> most all the male audience from the TV and Doctor Who will get bellow 6
>> million.

>They`re more concerned with the percentage figures than the actual amount
>watching. It`s roasting outside, tonight`s Dr Who won`t get anymore than 6
>million at best.

>> When are the BBC going to wise up and schedule programmes that will keep
>> their male audience which is generated by Grandstand or Match of the Day,
>> watching.

>On a hot and sunny day like this? As soon as this game finishes I`m off down
>the pub! Tonight`s Dr Who will wait till tomorrow morning.

Still it could have ben worst.  Imagine ARG:MEX first.

NExt Saturday, winner of ECU:ENG takes on winner of NED:POR .

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