points made by Deborah the Arsenal (ugh) fan

points made by Deborah the Arsenal (ugh) fan

Post by Philip P Pettif » Mon, 01 Jun 1992 02:54:36

        Just my opinion on a few of the points you made:

1. Ian Wright. He's not really a goal poacher nor a creative player and I
personally don't think this works well at international level unless you are
_very_ good & he's not. I much prefer a combination like Rod Wallace/Lineker
where there is a good goal scorer and a supporting player who scores his fair
share of goals. Ian Wright is not good enough at supporting other players for
my liking.

2. Webb - I agree he's not the greatest but then why have you got him in your
England 11? I know we're a bit hard up for midfield players in England at the
moment (one reason why Leeds are s succesful) but Webb in the first 11?

3. How dare you criticise David Batty L:U) (Thats a Leeds United smiley by the
way - it's got Lee Chapmans nose!). Batty's a great player, a good tackler and
a good distributor of the ball - he rarely gives away possession, which is one
criticism I could level at McMahon who you seam to like. Sure he wins a lot of
the ball and occasionally he does a great defence-splitting pass but more often
than not he gives the ball straight back with a poor 10 yarder!

        Answering your request here's my England team:

1  Woods
2  Steven (oh dear!)
3  Pearce
4  Keown
5  Walker
6  Wright
7  Platt
8  Batty
9  Merson
10 Lineker
11 Barnes

        It's very similar to yours except I've got Batty in instead of Webb and
Barnes instead of Daley and Merson is playing between midfield and attack rather
than straight midfield/wing. I reckon he'd give better support to Lineker here
which is often lacking in England teams (He should've tried Wallace L:U)).
        I've gone for 5 at the back but its not really a sweeper system which
is what everyone keeps calling it (incl. me). The central 3 defenders don't
come forward much as they would under a proper sweeper system but instead
nearly all of that is confined to the full backs. We do have the ideal players
to play this system. The rest of the team is pretty much self-explanatory.

        I agree with your criticism of Graham Taylor by the way. He seemed to
be a really good league manager but he looks a non-starter at the England job.
I'm trying not to judge him until after the Euro but I'm finding it hard not to.

              EEEEEE  NN   NN   GGGG   LL       AAAA   NN   NN  DDDD
             EE      NNN  NN  GG      LL      AA  AA  NNN  NN  DD  DD
            EEEEEE  NN N NN  GG      LL      AAAAAA  NN N NN  DD  DD
           EE      NN  NNN  GG   G  LL      AA  AA  NN  NNN  DD  DD

                     "We played very well" - Graham Taylor