Why Italy lost; French quality and why England will dominate Europe.

Why Italy lost; French quality and why England will dominate Europe.

Post by Kenn » Sun, 05 Jul 1998 04:00:00


>England's performances are another step on the road to
>'technical' football where the attainment of this mystical quality
>(to the English anyway) combined with the greater passion of the
>English - bar none will ultimately triumph.

England actualy has a a good model to follow and they never do.

Do you actually believe that the technical superiority that teams like
Holland and Brazil and Argentina have just will be bridged over a few
years ?  

Look at the youth tournaments...right now.  U20 WC, Toulon tournaments
etc, and you will note that England are still technically stereotyped.
To me it is a vain hope. Germany have the similar problem yet they
dont dwell on it and concentrate on their strengths...a high work
ethic, constant pressing, good man markers, strong runners, and
sufficient ability and presence to not make chances go a begging.
Doesnt mean that they are technically crap, but its not their greatest

It is impossible IMO for England to reach the technical level of some
of the best countries simply because the supporters of football in
England have to accept that the game actually slows down to accomodate
those changes. Yes ..high quality football can be played at pace, but
not by default. And I dont see that happening. In premiership football
, a few passes around the back and in the midfield is still met by a
barrage of noise urging them forward, which is great for the
spectacle, but if you check the amount of goals scored in England it
doesnt actually hold that it has more goals than in Spain, Italy or
Brazil. And in those countries they  spend more time making buildup

>England will win the EC in 2000 because by then
>England will be the favourites to win because they will be the
>best in Europe.

Expectation is a hell of a thing....I remember the mood after 1990.

>The WC - that's a different matter ;-)

The more I think of it, Roy Hodgson would be better for England as a
coach. He`d be pragmatic, and they`d grind results more than most. But
they will win more. Later down, probably there is a generation of
players and supporters which will help England to technically take
over the world. But I dont see it happening for a while yet.

England will probably explode if they even get to the final...much
less win the WC :-)