Team Line-Ups

Team Line-Ups

Post by Kevin Lew » Wed, 27 Jun 1990 18:07:30

Hi, I have been keeping records of all the team formations so far in the
World Cup, and propose to post them from the 2nd round onwards.

If anyone wants to know about a first rd. game I will probably be able to help.
Sorry , but I just don't have time to post the details of all 52 matches.

From the games I actually saw I have given 2 players from each team a *, for
IMHO the best performers.  For some reason the TV channels even in a soccer-
educated country do not seem to be able to show the team formations, nor do
the newspapers.  So I've had to work them out myself. (C) = Captain.

I have tried to list the names that the players are known by. eg Surname or
whatever, this can be difficult with some hispanic, some middle-eastern
and far-eastern names.  Apologies for not really knowing the naming conventions.Some players, Brasilians and Spanish are better known by 'nicknames' eg Pele,
Dunga, Chendo.  These are the names I will use.  I assume that results, scorers,reports, comments etc will be posted by others.

Here Goes..




Tataw(C)              Maboang     Onana               Ebwelle

            K.Biyick            Mbouh
                                        sub: Milla*
          Makanaky           O.Biyick
          sub: Djonkep



Herrera             Pereia         Escobar           Gildardo Gomez

 Alvarez*           Rincon        Valderrama(C)      Gabriel Gomez
                                                     sub: Redin
                    Estrada*      Fajardo
                                  sub: Iguaran


                             COSTA RICA


                  Montero           Marchena*
Chavarria                                          Chavez
sub: Guimaraes
            Gonzalez*     Sub: Medford        Ramirez

                  Cayasso       Jara



                    Straka             Kadlec
  Hasek(C)                                           Bilek*

          Moravcik                      Kubik

                       Skuhravy*       Knoflicek