NAS Midnight Riders to host soccer bash for MLS Cup '96

NAS Midnight Riders to host soccer bash for MLS Cup '96

Post by David A. Littere » Tue, 08 Oct 1996 04:00:00

{Begin Press Release}

The Midnight Riders, support group of the New England Revolution =
professional major league soccer club, announce to all soccer fans =
coming to Boston to attend the MLS Cup 96 soccer game that a "Soccer =
Bash" will be held in the North End of Boston, a section of town known =
for its quaint old European charm, its entertainment and dining =
establishments. The MLS Cup 96 is the showcase of the recently =
established U. S. major soccer league. It will be held on Sunday October =
20, 1996 at 3:30 PM in Foxboro, Massachusetts and is expected to draw a =
sell out crowd of 60,000 fans.

The Soccer Bash will begin at 5:00 PM on Saturday, October 19, 1996 with =
soccer fans gathering at the Caff=E9 dello Sport, a wonderful old world =
style gathering place in Boston. Caff=E9 dello Sport is located at 308 =
Hanover Street in the North End of downtown Boston just a short walk =
from the Waterfront and Fanual Hall Marketplace. Hanover Street is the =
main thoroughfare through this historic section of Boston. The North End =
is the home of the Old North Church from which Paul Revere and John =
Dawes were sent on their historic journey. It is a section of the city =
that puts the visitor 300 years into Boston's past. Paul Revere's home =
still stands one block from Hanover Street and the section's old world =
charm has impressed visitors and natives alike for many years.

When asked about why the North End was selected for the event, leaders =
of the Midnight Riders replied, "We wanted to have the event in an area =
friendly towards the American Soccer public. You only have to come down =
here on a Sunday morning and afternoon and walk by all the coffee shops =
and pubs to see the interest in soccer. Beside MLS they are all tuned =
into Serie A games from Italy, Premier League games from the U. K. and =
Mexican League games on Univision."

Responding to our inquiry as to the size of the event, the President of =
the Riders said, "We didn't know how many people would want to join us =
for the event, so we selected the North End as an area that will allow =
us all to gather in one area of town but still do our own thing. We'll =
start out at the Caff=E9 dello Sport and everyone will spread out from =
there. They can watch a soccer game on the cable, stop at one of the =
Italian coffee shops, eat any type of cuisine, visit a multitude of pubs =
and even see a play or two in this part of Boston.

We're hoping that this will be as big a success as our first MLS season =
and our first year as the Midnight Riders. We also didn't know how many =
people would attend so we wanted a lot of flexibility. We know we'll =
have over 200 but we could have 3,000. We have over 100 from Dallas =
alone who have told us that they will join us Saturday night. I guess =
we'll have to wait and see what happens."

One of the Midnight Riders Club members stepped up and said, "I hope =
there is a big turnout and that a lot of fans will join us. It will make =
a statement regarding the amazing growth of soccer in the United States, =
the success of MLS in its first season and solidify Boston as one of the =
great soccer cities in the country."