Concacaf WCQ- wednesday's matches predictions (USA-CR, HON-JAM, MEX-T&T)

Concacaf WCQ- wednesday's matches predictions (USA-CR, HON-JAM, MEX-T&T)

Post by JB CA » Thu, 06 Sep 2001 10:39:30

I beleive that wednesdays games will define  most of it.. the teams
that will go to the world cup. Here are my predictions for all three
games as well of who i think will classify.

Winner: Costa Rica
Reason: They  play at home, come from winning against mexico ( in the
Azteca stadium, something HARD), Honduras (something  that had not
happened in 40 years), and T&T (no comment about that). Usa lost at
home and has received many critizism, plays away...

Honduras vrs.Jamaica
Winner: Honduras
Reason: Honduras comes from an excellent participation in  the Copa
America as well as a win in the USA against the USA. Their players are
confident  and feel like they can win. Jamaica lost at home against
Mexico, and a win against T&T (again, who cares). Their star striker
will not play against honduras in tegucigalpa serving a suspension.
Also, both teams played in the same stadium las year where honduras
won 1-0.

Mexico vrs. Trinidad & Tobago
Winner: Mexico
Reason: Trinidad is playing "for fun" 'cause they cant classifiy
anymore, so the only reason i would think trinidad would win is to
take the points away form mexico which is good for all the other
teams. Mexico plays at home...  no further comments.

Teams to classify to the World Cup
Costa Rica*: They will surely classify altho nobody know if in 1st 2nd
or 3rd place.
USA: Cannot lose any points. If they lose wednesday, they can go to
4th place depending on the other scores.
Honduras*: needs to win against jamaica and t&t (which is a 98% sure)
to go. They do not want to risk going to the Aztecain Mexico against
Mexico without being classified.
Mexico: will beat T&T, needs a victory agains costa rica in costa rica

is good for them.
Jamaica: needs to win win win nothing less.
T&T: just make surpises and make teams not go-- they can be the party

i think cr is classified and if honduras wins wednesday theyve
classified. therest im  not sure... i think usa and mexico will be
fighting forthat 3rd spot.