NAS NJ v Dallas scoring...and...

NAS NJ v Dallas scoring...and...

Post by E M Kanitr » Fri, 12 Jul 1996 04:00:00

...have'nt seen this posted so I thought I'd do it for those who have not
seen it in their papers.

Dallas      0  2 - 2
MetroStars  1  2 - 3

First half-1, MetroStars, Caricola (2) (Donadoni) 35th min
Second half-2,MetroStars, Saverese (11) (Donadoni) 48min
            3,Dallas, Alverez (1) 63min
            4,Dallas, Sanchez (5) 66min
            5,MetroStars, Saverses (12) (Ramos)77min
Attendance 17,416
The Olympic gold medal favorite Italian U-23 tean will play a  combination
team of the MLS's MetroStars and the USISL's Central Jersey Riptide in an

call the Riptides office at (908) 296-9166