R.S.S. LOGO NOTICE - repost

R.S.S. LOGO NOTICE - repost

Post by Russell Campbe » Fri, 29 May 1992 00:19:35

After discussion in this group some time ago I designed a logo
for r.s.s participants.  This is the description:

        a standard looking black and white ball available in any common sports
        goods store.  The white hexagonal shaped pieces of the ball all have

        "R.S.S" appear in digital/l.e.d. style.  It measures approximately 3.5
        inches on each side (square).

This design has now been digitized so that it can be distributed
electronically.  Digitizing was done by John J. Lucena.

To get a copy:

        Send me a self-addressed stamped (US postage) envelope and I'll
                send you a good quality photocopy from which you can get the
                image transfered to whatever you want by whatever means you
                choose to employ.  For those who live outside the US who
                want a copy:  rather than trying to guess what return
                postage will be just send me a postal money order (or
                equivalent) for $2.00 US (should cover postage and envelope
                to anywhere in the world) and your correct snail mail address.

        Send e-mail requesting the digitized version to myself or John Lucena.
                I have a copy of the postscript version which measures 200+K.
                John says:  "I can easily scale the doc, reverse, stretch,
                etc. the doc in anyway very easily.  I can also provide
                the images in a variety of other formats for our readers."
                My e-address is below and John can be reached at:


        Save the follow on posting which contains the postscript print file
                and send it to your favorite postscript printer.

Get your copy today!  Alterations to the design as indicated by John are okay
but remember that this is a symbol that we may all someday be looking for
in a crowd at a pub, restaurant, or stadium gate (WC94).  If you alter it
too much the rest of us won't recognize it!  My original purpose in designing
the logo was to provide such a symbol and get it into circulation before WC94
arrives.  It will be something recognizable should the opportunity arise for
some of us to actually meet each other in person.  Who knows, maybe when
ticket sales start for the final match we can try to arrange a block of seats
for r.s.s readers and make a flag with the logo on it and mini images of
the national flags of those in the seat block!

Artist's Statement:  It is not my intent to make a profit from this project.
I do not give permission for any person or organization to use this logo for a
profit making purpose.  The design belongs to me by copyright law.  I will
allow it to be freely distributed, copied, printed, or used by anyone
connected with the rec.sport.soccer newsgroup for a non-money making purpose.

Snail mail requests go to:

        Russell D. Campbell
          SUBJECT:  R.S.S LOGO
        820 E. Cady Road # B106
        Everett, WA  98203

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