Southampton V. West Ham - Score?

Southampton V. West Ham - Score?

Post by Trevor McCrisk » Wed, 01 Dec 1993 23:23:45

Could someone please post the result of last night's Southampton vs. West
Ham game?  Also the latest Premiership table would be appreciated.  

There has to be someone back home willing to post all the weekend's results
and tables.  The only way to keep r.s.s. useful and informative is to hang
on in here and post intelligent messages either with real questions or
precise information, the way things used to be.  There are many of us
ex-pats living outside the UK who rely on r.s.s. as a lifeline to what's
happening back home.  PLEASE those of you who continue to make useful
postings stay with r.s.s. or perhaps create a so
that all the clowns can continue their rantings on r.s.s. without annoying
those of us who need to find out how badly their team did this week!!
Cheers, Trevor.


Southampton V. West Ham - Score?

Post by Vincent Hannant - Sun UK - » Wed, 01 Dec 1993 23:56:25


I can't give you a match report, but the score was Southampton 0 West Ham 2.

I believe Morley and Chapman got the goals in the first half.