FA Cup Final

FA Cup Final

Post by Robert Maxwel » Mon, 15 May 2006 12:30:18

2006 FA Cup Semi-Finals

+ Liverpool Take Seventh FA Cup 3-1 on Penalty Kicks.

   Never leading the match, Liverpool netted 3 of the 4 last goals of the
match to equalise 3-3 in injury time. After a goalless extra time, the FA
Trophy hosts, West Ham United, faltered in the penalty kick shoot-out to
give Liverpool their seventh FA Cup with a 3-1 PK win.

=============== The Road to Cardiff  ===============

Liverpool [Best - Holders (7x) latest 2006]

R5      v   Manchester United                              1-0

Old Trafford

West Ham United [Best - Holders (3x) latest 1980]

R4      v   Blackburn Rovers                               4-2
R5      v   Bolton Wanderers                               0-0




FA Cup Final

Post by Cuzma » Mon, 15 May 2006 22:41:12

"  2006 FA Cup Semi-Finals  "

So when's the final then?

"  the FA Trophy hosts  "

I hardly think that Upton Park staging the final of a non-league trophy
is relevant.

"  Liverpool    3-1 AET [3-1 on PK]    West Ham United  "

No.  It was 3-3 AET [3-1 on PK]

"  R5      v   Bolton Wanderers                               0-0

Wrong way round.  The first game was at the Reebok Stadium.  The replay
was at Upton Park.