USISL fixtures 6/3-5

USISL fixtures 6/3-5

Post by vormelk » Sat, 04 Jun 1994 01:58:55

USISL fixtures 6/3-5

Home teams are listed first

* and ** are Designated Makeup Games.  The results of these games will be used
only if another regularly scheduled game cannot be played and cannot be

Friday, June 3
CCV           Santa Cruz
Chico         Shasta
Arizona       El Paso
Los Angeles   New Mexico
Tulsa         Texas
Wichita       Dallas
Chattanooga*  Jackson
Cocoa         South Florida
Atlanta       Ft. Lauderdale
Jacksonville  Boca Raton **
North Jersey  Jersey
Delaware      Cape Cod
Sioux City    St. Louis
Greensboro    Hampton Roads
New Orleans   Louisville
C***te     Nashville

Saturday, June 4
Atlanta        Boca Raton
Jackson        Birmingham **
Jacksonville   Ft. Lauderdale**
Orlando        South Florida
D/FW           Wichita
Oklahoma City  Texas
Valley         New Mexico
Las Vegas      Arizona
Tucson         El Paso
Chico          SF Bay Diablos
Reno           Santa Cruz
CCV            Silicon Valley
SF All Blacks  North Bay
Philadelphia   Boston
Minnesota      St. Louis
Detroit        Rockford
Raleigh        Hampton Roads
Jersey *       Washington
Baltimore      Greensboro
Richmond       Charleston
Columbia *     Nashville
Arkansas       Louisville
Austin         Memphis

Sunday, June 5
Shasta         SF Bay Diablos
North Bay      Silicon Valley
Montclair Std. New Mexico
San Deigo      Los Angeles **
Arkansas       Tulsa
Cocoa          Ft. Lauderdale
Long Island    Boston
Columbus       Milwaukee
Des Moines     Minnesota
Raleigh        Charleston
New York       Washington **