Barnet v Gillingham

Barnet v Gillingham

Post by Ian Pletch » Wed, 19 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Gillingham vs Barnet

I drove a long way to take my place at the away end and I have to say that
apart from a fif*** minute spell in the first half this was quite the worst
Barnet display I have ever seen.

Total defenssive chaos allowed Gillingham to take the lead after just 2
minutes. I think Glen Thomas was mainly to blame as he allowed the Gillingham
forward in on aa ball he should have cut out. Newell in goal made an excellent
save from the Gills forward but had little chance as the rebound was bundled

Barnet improved rapidly  and had an excellent 15 minutes culminating with
Freedman flicking Gales cross past the Gillingham goal keeper, although I'm not
convinced the ball had crossed the line before Mark Cooper made certain.

Having equalised Barnet died and Gillingham re took the lead when a looping
header totally deceived Newell and dropped in at his far post. I have to wear
my colours and say that despite his error against Mansfield I am a Gary
Phillips fan and I really don't rate Newell. Newell is a good shot stopper, but
he looks very nervous coming out, is even more one footed than Phillips and
doesn't command the defence in the way that Sumo does. Please Clem can we have
Sumo back blocking the goal. (Newell needs to eat a lot of pork pies if he is
to fill the goal as well as Phillips does.)

I can't really bring myself to say too much about the second half. Barnet must
have had 80% of the possession but they never ever looked like scoring, until
the Gillingham keeper made a brilliant save from a Watson volley a minute from
time. A can rarely remember a Barnet side looking so uninterested in a game. If
Barry Fry was still manager, they'd still be finding bits of players scattered
along the M2.

As a final note of horror Linvoy Primus was carried off on a stretcher and
looks like he will miss the remainder of the season.

I can't think of anyone who played well, Gale & Primus were less bad than the
others, Newell, Thomas & Cooper were worse than the rest.

Barnet : Newell, Gale, Thomas, Watson, Newson, Primus (Hoddle {eeek}),
Inglethorpe, Freedman, Hodges, Cooper, Wilson
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Cheers, Ian.