Derby Moneybags (was Re: Leicester City!! (result))

Derby Moneybags (was Re: Leicester City!! (result))

Post by Robert J. Krawi » Sat, 04 Jun 1994 17:42:48


>In article (Dazza the ram) writes:

>>As for being a millionaires toy, you can't put Derby in the same league
>>as Blackburn and Newcastle (quite literally) because Lionel Pickering
>>(Derby's benefactor) simpy ain't that rich.He spent 10 million on
>>Derbys team, he has an estimated fortune of 30 million.That is quite

>But we're talking about expenditure here- Lionel has spend almost the
>same amount of dosh that Newcastle and Rovers have. The thing is,
>EVERY Derby player is overrated. The team may have cost 10m quid, but
>they certainly aren't worth it. I dunno what they were playing at, paying
>way too much for players like Johnson, Short etc, and as the team have
>proved for the 3rd season was a total waste of cash.

 Let's not forget that during the Maxwell reign at the Baseball ground
virtually all spending was frozen for 3 seasons. The team not only stagnated,
but lost some key players as Arthur Cox tried to raise cash that subsequently
made its way to Maxwell's pocket.

 The sum spent is not outrageous given the desire of the Derby chairman to
get us back into the Premier asap, and the total lack of squad development for
3 seasons. Don't forget that the sale of Saunders and Wright, which raised
close to 6 million, should have gone to buying players instead of Maxwell's
(empty, as it turned out) pocket. The fact that Lionel Pickering actually put
his money where his mouth was, is just a plus in his favour. How many chairman
have made gradious promises only to let the club down?

 As for the players being overrated, I suggest you wait and see who is sold
for how much money. I'll bet all the post-Maxwell buys will go for more money
than they were bought for, with the exception of Short, who really is over-
rated and utter crap.

 The major mistake made by Arthur Cox was spending too quickly. The team was
virtually thrown together overnight and expected to win immediate promotion.
Players were bought that really weren't necessary, and they found it difficult
to gel. I think most intelligent, impartial observers would agree with that,
as opposited to the "all the players are crap" argument.

>Generally, that was the worst case of sour grapes I ever heard....

 I think most Rams fans are rightly upset, seeing Leicester were outplayed at
Wembley. Having said that, Leicester have consistently finished high up in the
1st Division and deserve a crack at the Premier league. I just wish it hadn't
been at our expense.


Rob K.